• Local Parkour/Freeruning Organisation Based in Plymouth UK
  • Providing the best parkour classes for kids and adults
  • Opportunities for local athletes and talent development
  • Performances on shows, events, advert videos
  • Youth Work, Community and Culture Advance
  • Outdoor parkour facilities consulting
  • Premium textiles merchants`


Classes for kids, teens and adults, we currently have selection of indoor sessions run at Street Factory,Lipson College, Marine Academy Plymouth and Outdoor. You can book in BOOKINGS (more is coming soon so check our social media to stay up to date with whats going on :) )



Tailored and fun workshops for organisations and groups of individuals either one off or structured course please reach out! We had already worked with various partners including Fit and Fed run by Plymouth City Council, Pioneers CIC and also run community workshops after events we performed on or even festivals Also for half-term and holidays we have day camps and skill specific workshops please check our social media to stay up to date and be 1st to hear about it!


After school activities at Secondary schools for age group 11-15. Among participants we developed youth crew team providing them guided coaching, opportunities to help us around workshops and classes also performing on festivals and events. You can read more in About Us and Case Studies section

Primary age group special needs education unit - Edison Centre they specialize in children needing break from mainstream education system with behavioral challenges from various causes. We provide once a week PE activity which has a massive impact you can read more in Case Studies section

Outreach sessions at random times involving groups of youth hanging around parks and estates inspiring to learn some parkour or calisthenics (bodyweight training)

Most of the community work is on voluntary basis although we would love to provide more of it on more regular basis, so if you read it and can help ( you dont have to be a philanthropist millionaire or grant funding decision maker maybe you know someone who knows one ;) Please reach out! Could also be a film maker needing parkour athletes for recording for clothing label or music video with a budget to help us generate revenue to fund more of this work and create a bigger impact together, please reach out! Check our social media, invite friends, share and comment it helps a lot!

Parkour performance: shows, events, video and photoshoot

Add that bit of adrenaline to whatever you are organizing! besides of our crew we are linked up with some of the top performers in the UK and also aspiring local talents (that includes parkour photography) So give us a chance and contact us!

We have performed on Yoga Hub Festival, Union Street Party and Freedom Fields Festival also posed (very dynamically :P) Plymouth College of Art Students for their assessment photos


Lets create something awesome together made by active practitioners with a lot of hands on experience of various facilities for community of all ages skill levels. Long lasting, highly efficient community asset. Using local resources and tradesmen where possible, BSEN compliant. our team members have construction and engineering experience. We can help you with design and project execution. If you are looking to enhance your existing public space with community asset that will bring many health benefits and positive uplift. Do not wait, lets start the dialogue now and reach out!


We only make one off unique collections atm. whole shop experience is coming! Check our socials to find out when we releasing next drop!