About US

Our Mission

We are here to provide high quality parkour coaching for all ages and abilities, promote local talents and provide opportunities within the sport and surrounding areas

Our Vision

Thriving Parkour community in Plymouth spreading: positive vibrations alongside mental and physical health benefits of this sport. Opportunities for young people to find careers in their passions not necessarily Parkour itself. Ultimately setting up a gym for community to progress together and provide world class facilities in Plymouth which in turns would supply many social and economical advantages

Our Story

Plymouth Parkour had been founded by Karol and Maciej aka "Majik" in January 2018. Both of them had lived and trained in the city for a number of years and witnessed the rotation of people that kept training or withdrawn from it for various reasons like jobs, peer pressure or just lack of more opportunities to develop in parkour

Due  to great potential and lack of initiative these two poles decided to set up in Marine Academy Plymouth with  indoor classes over the winter time. With help of Mr Darren Stewart who supported our activity from very beginning we managed to keep it running there and later expanded into Lipson college with further indoor classes. As time gone by we managed to gain a member Jared, a local freerunner and run workshops for schools and local council youth scheme. 

Our People

Karol "Lolek" Zalewski - Head coach, Co-founder- Parkour UK Coach lvl 1, BTEC in Sports- 8 years experience in Parkour- speciality : flips and jumps

Maciej "Majik" Bolbot - Coach, Co-founder- Lvl 2 Strength&Conditioning- 10 years experience in Parkour, 4 years in Calisthenics- speciality : Strength moves, techniques

Jared Smith - Assistant coach - speciality : flips