WHats on offer

Indoor Classes

indoor parkour

Classes held at school sports halls, ideal for  beginners as well advanced users who wish to train in safe and controlled environment

Outdoor Classes

outdoor parkour

Outdoor classes held at publicly available spaces, great to test your skills in real life scenarios, and drastically increase your limits

Workshops and Camps


We provide workshops and camps for various age groups, they are longer and cover broader spectrum of techniques and practice

Schools, Youth centres, Charities

youth parkour

Perfect activity for your pupils, fun and active socially open and available in single player for those who prefer to be on their own, limits expanding and confidence boosting alternative to standard PE classes

Events, Shows, Adverts, Photoshoots

parkour model

Require a thrilling show for your event or need athletes for commercial photo shoots or video? We have a bunch of highly skilled professional daredevils to fulfill your desires