Case Studies

Edison Centre : PE/Parkour sport and physical activity provision on weekly basis for around 6 months. Each group of participants is there for 6 weeks term and all groups were smaller than 5 participants. Edison is unit for children that find it difficult in mainstream education have behavioral challenges resulting from experienced trauma or undiagnosed mental health condition.

From our observation we realized that children tend to bond better and cheer each other to complete challenges we set for them even if they were not too fond of each other before the sessions, and also we realized that each week they were getting more confident in their own abilities. It usually took us a session or two to build enough trust so participating kids can really enjoy the sessions

Here is what Edison’s team has got to say about impact of our sessions:

1. Do you see any improvement in areas : confidence, self esteem, discipline? If so which areas and how big it is?

The Parkour sessions have increased children’s confidence. The children look forward to the sessions and are mostly able to complete an hour of physical activity which is brilliant as the children at Edison struggle to hold their concentration for more than 5 minutes. The children are developing their fitness and we are seeing children who previously wouldn’t run in the playground now becoming active this in turn is improving self esteem. The children listen and respond to the sessions this is something they have been struggling with hence their referral to the Edison centre. The children speak very highly of the sessions and we are recommend the group to parents.

2. Any behavior changes after the sessions? 

We often find that after the sessions children get to the WOW on the behaviour chart. They are calmer.The RAG analysis (figure below) tracks children’s behaviour daily and the below graph demonstrates that on Fridays when the children receive their Parkour session fewer children receive red or amber ratings. This is positive as Green behaviour means they are following instructions, completing work and using positive language in the centre.

Youth Talent Development

We started our afterschool clubs at secondary schools and provided aspiring youth with adequate coaching, facilities, support and opportunities to perform on various promo videos, shows and events we were on, and also work experience running our classes and workshops as much as helping with building equipment

Some of our adepts had formed their parkour teams, build longlasting friendships and learning real life transferable skills, you can even see some of our members in Netflix production Matilda, if you spot any let us know

Have a look on some pictures from our journeys 🙂